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V&P VPD-175 120W Diaphragm Blower

V&P VPD-175 Diaphragm Pump
Nominal capacity: 300l/min
Airflow: 175l/min @ +150mbar (1.5M water depth)
Max. pressure: +350mbar
Power: 120W

Common applications include domestic and commercial sewage treatment plants, septic tanks and pond/lake aeration. WPL, Marsh, Kingspan, Klargester, WTE, Harlequin etc.
Datasheet/drawing available upon request.

***PLEASE CALL 0113 318 9391 OR EMAIL TO ORDER***

Ultra-high efficiency robust design and low noise output make it and ideal alternative replacement for Secoh JDK, Hiblow and other blowers. We stock a wide range of spare parts for this blower, including replacement diaphragms, magnets, chamber blocks and filters. We also provide on-site servicing, overhauls/repairs and rental blowers for breakdown support. We will get you back up and running, contact us to discuss your requirements.

V&P VPD-175 120W Diaphragm Blower

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