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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you and where are you?

Vacuum and Pressure Ltd, head office and workshop in Morley, Leeds. Established in 2010.

So what exactly do you do?

Industrial vacuum pumps and blowers. Spare parts, servicing, overhauls, new pumps and rental pumps.

Can I buy online?

No, not at the moment, it is something we are considering for the future however we are more than an online shop, we prefer to listen to customers and offer complete support. We'll set you up with a credit account and give our best pricing by handling directly.

What locations do you cover?

Spare parts can be shipped globally. On-site service is generally only UK and Ireland but we have on occasions been further afield

Can you support my industry?

Yes! We are working with customers across almost all sectors you can think of - medical, wastewater, plastics, woodworking, print, automotive, pharmaceutical, packaging, food and beverage.

Will you be familiar with my application?

Again yes! If your process sucks or blows chances are we will have seen it before. Medical vacuum, CNC woodworking, sewage aeration, bottling, pneumatic conveying, injection moulding, vacuum forming, tray sealing, food packaging, binders, guillotines, printers, packaging automation, fume extraction, central vacuum etc. You get the idea.


Why should we deal with you?

First and foremost because we care. We are a team of engineers all with vast experience having worked at Rietschle, Gardner Denver, Busch, Becker. We'll provide impartial advice and give you a range of options so you can choose what is best for you. We would like to think we offer great value for money too.

Why has my vacuum pump failed?

Good question. There can be many reasons depending on the pump in question and your application. Give us a call, tell us some basic information and we should be able to steer you towards a solution.

Can you repair my vacuum pump / blower?

Yes. We have a fully equipped workshop and a vast array of tools and parts to refurbish and bring your pump/blower back to life. We also provide a 6 month warranty on our workmanship. You can view more information on this here - vacuum pump repairs.

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