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Is your Nash-Elmo 2BL2 Leaking or Losing Vacuum?

No problem... we'll get you sorted!

Nash-Elmo or Gardner Denver "pump-in-box" 2BL liquid ring pumps provide critical vacuum on many processes, often bottling plants and CNC vacuum holding. They are reliable but need regular service and over time if neglected can leak water (corrosion/cavitation) or lose vacuum.

Common models include: 2BL2041, 2BL2061, 2BL2101, 2BL2141 and 2BL2251, but there are also some other variations.

We provide on-site servicing, breakdown support and complete strip down overhaul. We know these pumps inside out. Better still we have rental 2BL pumps available so if you do have a breakdown we'll be able to get you back and running straight away! We can even come and remove and install the new pump for you.

Get in touch today. We can help with this and all other industrial vacuum pumps and blower requirements.


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