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Using Becker VTLF on your CNC?

Firstly we can 100% support you with servicing, spare parts, overhauls and rental pumps as required.

However, have you considered how much it costs to run/maintain your pumps?

Why not consider another option? An option where you WILL save money and maximise production. Sounds too good to be true right? Well, no it's not...

VTLF vs Claw -

It should be said the Becker VTLF series is an excellent vacuum pump, in particular the VTLF250 and VTLF2.250 are found on many of the major CNC vacuum tables. It's robust, generally reliable and importantly for the OEM low-cost, making their machine more affordable. It's not perfect though, you need to keep on top of maintenance and the performance over time can degrade. Broken vanes can cause significant damage, replacement vanes are expensive too.

A far better solution is our DRY claw pump range. This is newer more efficient technology with a non-contact pumping principle, meaning there is far less to maintain. Whilst it's true the upfront cost is higher but with the cost of energy the payback time is shorter than ever, in most cases less than 18 months!

Let's look at a common example below using some typical figures as we stand today, January 2023;

Pump Model

VTLF 2.250 5.5kW

VTLF 2.250 7.5kW

DRY 250 4.0kW IE3

Airflow 50Hz @ duty

210 m3/hr

210 m3/hr

220 m3/hr

Ultimate Vacuum

200 mbar(abs)

200 mbar(abs)

200 mbar(abs)

Annual Electricity Cost (based on 24hr/day, excl. weekends @ £0.45/kWh)




Annual Service Cost (including vanes)









​£5,000 - £10,000! (per pump)

Of course every customer is different. Different running times, different cost per kWh, different service internals. We have based on average, but we have developed a calculator which we are happy to share with you so you can enter your own information. Remember if you have 10 pumps the saving is over £50,000.00!

Summary: Why use our DRY 250 4.0kW IE3 instead of VTLF 2.250 5.5kW?

- Pays for itself within 18 months! You are saving every year for the life of the pump.

- Better airflow/performance.

- Significant energy saving (4.0kW vs 5.5kW or 7.5kW)

- Reduced maintenance costs - no vanes!

Our DRY range is extremely robust and proven already with many customers. We provide full support and being independant we will recommend what is best for you without bias.

- We can supply with variable speed for even greater efficiency.

- We can remove/install and fully support as required.


Get in touch today. We can help with this and all other industrial vacuum pumps and blower requirements.


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