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Poorly Busch Mink MM1322 - loss of vacuum - SORTED!

We were contacted by a customer who had concerns over poor vacuum and high current consumption on their Busch MINK MM1322 claw pump. Those are immediate red flags that something is not well. The vacuum generated by this pump was critical for their business so an immediate response was required.

We arrived same day to remove the poorly pump and installed our rental claw pump - in this case a PVR DRY 300 5.5kW IE3 (we also have Busch and Rietschle claw pump rentals, subject to availability). This quickly got the customer back up and running.

We took the failing vacuum pump back to our workshop where it was stripped, assessed and issues identified. Within 48 hours a detailed report was created and shared with the customer. A small pipework and filter modification was also recommended.

In this case the repair was fairly inexpensive, so the customer didn't hesitate to proceed. Within a few days we had fully repaired and tested their MINK MM1322 claw pump to ensure optimal performance. The next day we were back on-site to remove our rental pump and re-install the customers MINK MM1322.

Customer was very happy with the work carried out by our team. They also have the added peace of mind with our 6 month warranty too. As a follow up we will now be carrying out scheduled service on the customers other vacuum pumps and blowers, thus keeping their plant operating efficiently and minimising the risk of unexpected breakdowns that stop production.

We're happy to assist with all industrial vacuum pump and air blowers. Get in touch today to see how we can help you.

Pictures show the vacuum pump condition upon arrival. In our haste to get the job completed and re-installed we didn't take a photo of the finished refurbished pump, but be assured it looked as good as new and certainly performs the same too.


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